You can install it within minutes and manage it from the app. With a unique design. It’s for you.



Maximum comfort in all your rooms

With CALEFFI CODE®, you can individually control the temperature of each room in your home. Manage every room wherever you are, at any time, using your smartphone app. Adjust the temperature to your needs following a few simple steps.

Program your comfort as you wish

With CALEFFI CODE®, you can program every moment of the day for each room. The system helps you by suggesting the best scheduling for you: all you need to do is answer a few simple questions.

Ready for any request

Too hot? Lower the temperature of one or more rooms temporarily without changing the programmed settings.
Are you doing the cleaning with open? Lower the temperature temporarily: ventilation will be efficient, with no unnecessary costs, allowing you to help the environment and save money.
Are you about to receive unexpected guests and want to make sure they are as comfortable as possible? Increase the temperature temporarily without changing your usual programming criteria.

Voice-controlled* wellbeing

CALEFFI CODE® is the intelligent temperature control system for independent and centralised radiator systems; it can now be conveniently controlled with voice commands supported by Google Home and Alexa devices. It is easy to install and simple to adjust remotely via an intuitive app.

Using your own voice to interact with your home, instead of pressing buttons or tapping a smartphone, is truly convenient. This is an increasingly common attitude which underlines the preference for and gravitation towards a new smart dimension for our homes, connected and capable of responding to the most varied requests in real time.

*Those who already own CALEFFI CODE® will receive the update for the voice control.

Holiday Mode

Are you about to leave and have forgotten to turn off the heating? Use the app wherever you are. Don’t worry, you will find just the right temperature when you get back.

Smart protection

You should always keep an eye on children, but with CALEFFI CODE® this won’t be a problem: to make sure the settings are not changed unintentionally, you can override manual controls with a single gesture, using the app.

Comfort Control

The COMFORT CONTROL thermostatic head detects the temperature of the room thanks to its integrated sensors and automatically adjusts it according to your preferences. Thanks to the colours of the integrated LED, you can keep the temperature under control at a glance. Try it yourself!


GATEWAY is the brain of the entire system. It controls and manages your home heating according to your programming and your needs, communicating with valves and sensors and interacting with the CALEFFI CODE® app.


The SENSOR temperature sensor improves temperature detection in the areas where it is installed, ensuring the ideal temperature.

It’s all about design

The CALEFFI CODE® smart heating system has been designed for every style. Especially for the one you like.
The design radiators in these shots are branded Scirocco H

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The next level of beauty

Do you like the details that make the difference?
The High-Style convertible radiator valves and lockshields guarantee your well-being and take your home technology to the next level of beauty. Comfort and visual perfection all-in-one, at the service of the CALEFFI CODE® control.


Easily accessible installation

Installing CALEFFI CODE® will only take a few minutes. You can request assistance from an installer – a partner of the Caleffi network – or you can do it yourself. The mobile app will guide you step-by-step through the initial steps required to set up the devices.

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