How do the devices communicate with each other?

Communication between devices and the Gateway takes place via radio waves (868 MHz); it is therefore important that the Gateway is installed in a central area of the home while taking account of the need for a strong internet signal to allow communication with the CALEFFI CODE® app and the “Caleffi Connect” cloud.

How is the ambient temperature measured if a zone has both a Sensor / Sensor PRO ambient temperature sensor, code 215001/215001 BLK / code 215002/215002 BLK, and a Comfort Control electronic control, code 215510/215510 BLK?

If one or more Comfort Control electronic controls and a Sensor / Sensor PRO ambient temperature sensor are installed in the same zone, the temperature detected by the ambient temperature sensor overrides that of the electronic control.

How is the ambient temperature measured if one zone has several Comfort Control electronic controls, code 215510/215510 BLK?

If there are no Sensor / Sensor PRO ambient temperature sensors in the same zone, but if several Comfort Control electronic controls are installed, the temperature in that specific room is detected by averaging all the temperatures recorded by the electronic controls. All “Comfort Control” electronic controls will still independently control the temperature of each radiator.

The quick functions of a zone include the FORCED OFF function. What is it for?

The FORCED OFF function excludes this zone from any quick function that may be applied to the entire flat in the future. The zone is permanently set to “antifreeze” temperature (OFF). To restore the weekly programming of the zone, simply disable the FORCED OFF function.

How long do batteries last?

The batteries required for the devices, AA batteries for the controls and AAA batteries for the sensors, last an average of two heating seasons.

How do I check the status of the batteries in my devices?

The App features an indicator that shows the remaining battery percentage for each device, except for the Gateway which is plugged into the mains. Moreover, if the battery is almost flat, the corresponding low battery indicator is clearly displayed.

Does the LED light on Comfort Control always stay on?

No, the LED on the “Comfort Control” control only lights up when the temperature is manually changed. Every time the button is pressed, the temperature changes. The user is given a colour chart (starting from white, which corresponds to antifreeze, up to bright red, which corresponds to the highest temperature) to find the desired comfort temperature.

Should the Gateway always be powered? If so, what happens in the event of power loss?

Yes, the Gateway must always be powered. System operation is not compromised if it suffers a power loss because the devices would maintain a default temperature of 20 °C in this case.

What characteristics should the SIM card for Gateway PRO, code 215015/215015 BLK, have?

The Gateway PRO for wireless multi-zone temperature regulation with built-in GSM, UMTS or LTE modem requires the use of a micro SIM compliant with the GSM 11.12 phase 2+ standard (excluding USIM). It must have an active internet contract (minimum monthly data traffic of 500 MB for each Gateway), either pay as you go or with contract, and the PIN code must be disabled. Please note that a stable mobile phone signal is necessary for the system to function properly, so make sure you choose a suitable telephone service provider.

What characteristics should the internet connection have?

The internet network must be a private network (excluding Captive Portal). DHCP must be enabled in the network and a static IP must not be assigned to the Gateway.

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